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The Affordable Care Act could mean much more affordable health care for you and your family.

    Let our professionals help guide you through the new health exchange to find the best solutions and rates for you, your family, business or group!

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    We shop and pick the best auto insurance companies competing for your business.

    Our agents compare the rates from multiple companies to make sure you are getting the best deal with the right coverage. The only way to save on car insurance is to shop with Nelson Brothers!

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    Our commercial insurance department has the expertise to protect your business.

    Nelson Brothers business insurance department has a wealth of knowledge in the business insurance market. You can count on us to provide the best value for your business insurance dollar!

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    Let us Protect your house and your possessions, with coverage that fits you!

    Nelson Brothers selects homeowners insurance companies to offer you the best home insurance, condo insurance and renters insurance that are best suited for your needs at the lowest rate possible.

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    Nelson Brothers provides expert consultation for your financial management needs.

    Business & Employee Retirement Planning Services, Universal Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, IRA, Pension Maximization, Group & Individual Health Policies, Long Term Care, Annuities and Medicare Supplement.

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      Serving the insurance needs of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois!

      Lower Rates Are a Good Thing, But We Go You One Better!

      Saving money is always a treat. Especially on essentials such as auto and home insurance. But we're not content to simply offer you low rates. You see, we are an independent insurance agency. That means we represent several leading insurance companies- not just one. We can offer you sound, impartial advice to help you obtain everything you want:

      • Low Insurance Rates
      • Coverage custom to your needs
      • Very Attentive Service!

      After all, it's not just your car and home we're protecting...It's your financial security!

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      "The Names of Nelson Brothers" begins airing on mediacom in September 2015

      "The Names of Nelson Brothers" was produced to showcase the partners of Nelson Brothers Agency and to focus on what CEO Scott Nelson and President of Insurance Operations, Greg Nelson, consider to be the most important and valuable quality that Nelson Brothers Agency brings to the Quad City area...the fact that our owners, agents and staff all live in the same community as the clients we serve.  

      Nelson Brothers Agency an Insurance Team hits the air waves

      After years of pestering, former Iowa State All Big 8 linebacker and Nelson Brothers Agency Agent and partner, Keith Schroeder finally agreed to being in a football themed commercial that played off of his college year accomplishments.

      The commercial, entitled "Nelson Brothers Agency an Insurance Team", began airing in September and will run on Mediacom during the rest of the college football season.  Through the efforts of Nelson Brothers Agency CEO Scott Nelson, the agency was also lucky enough to get former Iowa Hawkeye and NFL Indianapolis Colts linebacker, Pat Angerer to play himself and bring a University of Iowa element to the ad, which worked well considering it debuted during the Iowa vs. Iowa State game earlier this season. 

      The final and most comedic role was played by the Nelson Brothers' nephew, Chad Lenning, who was cast by director and Marigold Resources Digital Media and Brand Advisor, Justin Holstein (who is also husband to agent and partner Dana Nelson Holstein) after years of watching Chad perform at the Nelson Brothers family gatherings.  Judging from all the feedback, the commercial ended up being a raving success and Chad Lenning has already submitted his idea for the commercial ad's successor.  Stay tuned to next season to see where the story goes from here;) 


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